General Advice

I don't know Bristol - where should I look for property?
Most of our properties are situated in Clifton, Cotham, Redland, Kingsdown and the City Centre area. These are the areas that are very popular with students.

How much does it cost to reserve a property?
We do not charge a reservation fee at Anthony James & Co. We understand that prospective tenants want to be sure, and so you are able to reserve a property for 24 hours.

How do I view a property?
You can register with us by clicking ‘register’ on our home page. Once you are logged in, you are able to make an enquiry on the properties you are interested in. You will be sent the relevant contact details to arrange a viewing of those properties (max 5 at a time).

Application Advice

What is an agency fee for?
An agency fee covers the administration costs for your application as a tenant. Our fee is 30% of one month’s rent (+VAT), and applies to all tenant lets.

Why should I supply Post-Dated Rent Cheques and why should I pay quarterly?
We usually require four quarterly post-dated rent cheques that cover the length of the tenancy, and these have to be supplied before the tenancy has begun.

The benefit of this is that the rent dates are in line with student loan payments, and takes into account the fact that student loans can be delayed. We are able to delay cheques in the event that this happens. We remind all tenants before cheques are going to be banked.

Many landlords require this as a strict condition for prospective tenants, as cheques from all tenants are a physical guarantee that their share of rent are being paid.

What is the deposit for?
We inform all tenants before their end of tenancy about the importance of leaving their property in a good state of cleanliness. We advise tenants how to retain their deposit in full and encourage tenants to contact us for any queries they may have. The tenancy agreement gives details of the charges that can be deducted from deposits e.g. Bounced cheque fee. The deposit scheme we use is MyDeposits, who are a government authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme.

What is a Guarantor Form?
We require for all tenants letting a student property with Anthony James & Co to have a guarantor. A guarantor is usually a parent or guardian who are able to fulfil the obligations of a tenant in the unlikely event that they are not able to. This could include the payment of rental arrears and/or wilful damage to the property.

Right to Rent
From 1st February 2016, all landlords, or agents acting on their behalf, are required by law to carry out a ‘Right to Rent’ check on all prospective tenants. Please find the ‘Right to Rent’ document on our ‘Downloads’ page which will contain more advice about what documents can be accepted, and what you need to do. We are unable to let to people who are not able to satisfy this check.

Tenant Advice

What if I change my mind?
We understand that you may change your mind after you have signed up, and we will do all we can to prevent it from being a stressful experience. Anthony James & Co offer help and advice to households when a tenant moves out, and will work with tenants to find a suitable replacement.

If your tenancy has not commenced, once a new tenant is found to replace you, your deposit will be returned and post-dated cheques returned/destroyed. If your tenancy has begun, and you choose to move out, then Anthony James & Co charge a moving out fee of £150 as per your tenancy agreement. We retain all admin fees.

Are utility bills included?
Most of our student properties are not ‘bills included’. We can offer help and advice when you are setting up utilities bills for your property, and we include an information letter about utilities in your Welcome pack, which you receive at the beginning of your tenancy.

Am I liable for Council Tax?
If everyone on the tenancy are full time students from the beginning of the tenancy to the end of the tenancy, then the property will be exempt from Council tax. If you are not a full time student, then you are required to pay Council tax. .

You will have to contact Bristol City Council to inform them that you are a full time student and live in a property solely inhibited by students. Further information can be found at .

Council tax exemption for Bristol City Council can be done online at .

Can we have pets?
We do not allow pets in any of the properties that we manage. .

Do you have gas safety certificates?
All properties that we manage where gas is supplied have gas safety inspections carried out annually. .

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